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Thursday, October 21, 2010


Before The W.O.W. Diet

And now, a snippet from the author:

"I continue to experience the benefits of the enlightening W.O.W. Diet. My health has significantly improved. In 2005, my cholesterol was 235. Three months after being on the W.O.W. Diet my cholesterol dropped to 183 with an HDL (good cholesterol) of 73. I am wearing a size 9/10 (2010), down from a tight-fitting size 14 pant (Jan. 2007). When I began the W.O.W. Diet I weighed 186; presently, I weigh 148, a remarkable thirty-eight pound loss.
So far, after being on the W.O.W. Diet for twelve weeks, Trent has lost fourteen pounds and five inches from his waist. My mother, who is seventy two years old and who has suffered with IBS of the diarrheal variety for most of her life, has been on the W.O.W. Diet for three weeks. She has lost twelve pounds and four inches from her waist. And more importantly, she has not had any bouts of diarrhea since beginning the W.O.W. Diet. My step-father, age 71, is not as faithful to the W.O.W. Diet as my mother, and he’s still lost seven pounds in three weeks."


Picture courtesy of Deseret News. Article by Valerie Phillips, Photo by Tom Smart

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