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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Ultimate After-School Snack

Let's play a game, shall we? Can you guess what this delicious little zoomed in nibblet belongs too? I'll give you a hint, most kids have cookies and milk after school, but this was my yummy today.

Another hint perhaps? It's pretty much happiness in a mouthful. We've been eating it 2-3 times a week for the past month, and I'm not sick of it. Not even close. I had 3 today. Why yes, I am a piggly wiggly. Alright, I'll tell you. It's not too complicated. A few slices of french bread, some butter, a little garden fresh tomato and basil, the secret ingredients (soon to be revealed) and voila! Culinary paradise.

The Bag Lady makes 2 loaves of fresh, warm, delicious, chewy french bread every Monday. We can usually take care of a loaf in 1-2 days, but that leaves one left. Wrapped in a plastic shopping bag in the cupboard, the loaf naturally begins to dry out. By Thursday it's perfect for making bruschetta--firm and dry, but still soft enough that you won't feed it to the ducks. From there it's just a chop, dice, sizzle, and swoosh to delicious.

Some people like to use olive oil when they make bruschetta, but I'll tell you where it's really at. BUTTER. Butter those puppies up and the yum factor increases a hundred fold. In a buttered pan, brown your bread until golden. Put your golden slices on a plate and top them off with fresh tomato, basil, and a bit of salt. Don't stop there, contrary to Kung Fu Panda belief, there IS a secret ingredient. It's balsamic vinegar. Splash a dash of it on top and garnish with some coarse grated parmesan cheese. True joy really is as simple as that.

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