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Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Fast Food"--Part II

Day 3: We've been running for two full days. The night we camped in the field of daises we were safe. Our theory worked, the zombies stayed at the edges of the field. They were repulsed by the beauty and freshness of flowers. By the time morning came our foes had taken refuge from the sun and we managed to escape into the hills. We haven't seen any members of the village since we left. Hopefully they are still content with their dried wheat.

Yesterday, before we started our trek we had a breakfast of rye pancakes and bottled sausage. It was certainly a cheery way to start the morning. Had we not known about the pursuing threat, one could have been convinced that we were merely having a morning picnic.

I've realized yet another virtue of the bag meal system. The morning of our pancakes, the smoke from our fire seemed to attract the zombies, and they began making their way towards our camp. Luckily the sun was coming up and it slowed their pursuit allowing us time to get away. Not only were the bag meals light, which aided a quick escape, but they were already self contained. There was no need to repack our backpacks.

The last rays of precious sunlight are beginning to fade. Luckily the bag meals can be eaten cold, because a fire is out of the question. We can't risk a zombie encounter in the night, especially since we don't have a field of daises. We picked some and have been scattering them around our camp, but they are beginning to dry and wilt. Certainly a dead flower will have no protection against the living dead. I sit here, finishing my mexican soup, which isn't half bad cold, and hoping that we will still be here when the sun rises. Soon we will have to make a stand. The zombie invasion has gone on long enough!

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