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Friday, September 17, 2010

"Fast Food, or Running for your Life with Bag Meals"--Part I

Day 1: We heard that they are coming. Coming. Coming in the night. We know that we'll be safe as long as the sun shines, they don't like the sunlight. Yesterday we began the evacuation to the northlands. We can only take as much as we can carry. The village decided there would be a greater possibility of repopulating the earth if we split up (yes, our village is concerned about the world at large-we even recycle.) If we were caught as a group, it would be total annihilation. I worry about the provisions some of our people took. The neighbors had to sacrifice their 50 gallon water was impossible to carry. The five gallon buckets of wheat and dried beans will provide sustenance, but I suspect it will be like eating cardboard after a few days. Perhaps the creamed corn will add some variety.

It makes me glad that we gave up on bulk food storage some time ago. I never realized just how valuable the bag meal system was until we had to pack up on a moments notice. Our family of 4 was able to evacuate with 4 bags each-2 in each hand, we even strapped one to the dog. Since each meal feeds 6-8 people, we should be able to feed at least 30 if we meet up with camp. On our own, we'll survive comfortably for some days...if they don't trace us by the smell of our flesh.

At least this day we should be safe. We've covered sufficient ground and found harbor in a field of daisies. Hopefully the bright colors and happiness will deter them. For now I take solace in this Sun-Dried Tomato and Basil Pasta. The creamy sauce and zesty basil are a taste of the comforting fires of home. The chicken will give us protein to continue our march tomorrow. Yes, at this time I can rest, but lurking at the edges of my awareness is the knowledge that we're being tracked. They are coming. The zombies are COMING!!

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  1. Zombies and food storage? -- What an innovative idea! Love your creativity. ;) -- Dawn